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Let me see if this will catch your attention. I come over, you take me to your room and stand in front of me facing away. My hands run down your side as my lips kiss your neck. My finger tips run across your skin, up your sides as they reach your breasts. I feel your nipples, hard and erect. You tilt your head back. I pull down lightly on your head to make sure your lips meet mine as we kiss. I pull your shirt off and reveal your beautiful body. Your pants slide down easily. My clothes come off and I press my body against yours. My hard cock pressed against your ass as my hands run all over your body. My warm breath caressing your skin. I turn you around and lay you on your bed. I kiss your lips and follow an imaginary line, first to your breasts then down between your thighs. I breathe on your clit then part your lips with my tongue. Up and down then in circles as my fingers enter you. I find your g spot and massage as my tongue does it’s work. You ride my mouth moaning in ecstasy. I feel your cream cover my sweet, so delicious. I stand up and pull you to the edge of the bed. You wrap your legs around me as I slide my cock in you. First the head, then slowly the shaft. The look I. Your eyes lets me know you love the feeling. In and out. My hands on your hips guiding you. You feel so good, so warm, so wet. You look so beautiful as your eyes are on me. Faster you tell me, so my thrusts go stronger and deeper. I feel you shake in pleasure as you orgasm. I turn you over, so sexy in front of me..... what else should I do

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Porterville, CA
Is looking for Casual dating/No Commitment.
5'5" (165 cm)
Associates Degree
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Over 6 years