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About Me

It is said some lives are linked across time ...
Connected by an ancient calling that echos through the ages ...
~Destiny~ Prince of Persia

It is not death that man should fear ...
but he should fear never beginning to live
~Meditations~ Marcus Aurelius

"Where must we go ...
we who wonder this Wasteland
in search of our better selves?"
Mad Max: Fury Road 2015

* A happy, joyous woman, spiritual, cerebral, sapiophile, engaging, playful, sassy with a
smashing sense of humor (looking for the same), entrepreneurial minded with a
zest for living life for all the good and delightful reasons. Seeking like minded
young at heart male 65-69. Dedicated & devoted life-partner.

* Please don NOT respond unless willing to have an initial 'voice-chat' to prove who you professed to be.
Your contact info (ph# with best day/time to reach you) if you want a reply, thank you.

* Too many 'FAKE' (you know who you are) responses!

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Henderson, NV
Wants a relationship.
5'3" (160 cm)
Some University
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No Pets
Over 10 years
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