Yue "A nobody searching for its heart and place to belong."
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About Me

I have two German Shepherds that I have trained. One male, one female. I'm a fanfiction writer and I am building the lore and world for my first book. I am an action movie fan and will not force my other half to watch those RomCom movies.. Personally I hate them, romance can be achieved by a pair of fishing poles a futon mattress in the bed of a truck and slow dancing to some good music. I'm a witch. 5 Months ago I took a baseball bat to the knee and am now in PT trying to build up both my stamina and see how far the damage went. So anyone who gets involved with me wouldn't be afraid of a little work and walking around the neighborhood with me while I slowly try to build up my leg again. I'm an anime lover who will rant in Japanese at some fool who mispronounces something. I like children, I actually wanted to be a teacher once. I am also a RPG girl and I do play FPS and RTS games. I am computer savvy and am building a new machine currently. Been building since I was 9. I have a dry, dirty and sarcastic sense of humor. But I don't enjoy insult humor at all, being teased as a child it makes me defensive very easily. If you would like any more information feel free to ask I am very open and honest.

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Redding, CA
Wants a relationship.
Dog trainer / Disabled / Student
5'10" (178 cm)
Some college
New age
Mixed Race
Mixed Color
Under 1 year
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