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About Me

Hi, I’m Roy

I want to take a moment to tell you what I’m looking for. Ultimately I want to develop a friendship that blossoms into a loving long term relationship (preferably married) fulfilling and exciting, rich with meaning, joy and love. I want this relationship to last this lifetime, and it's not going to be attributed to luck or chance. It's going to take continuous efforts from both of us and a strong drive to be together.

Love is much deeper than a feeling. Love is a commitment we make to each other to always treat each other right and honorably. There are many key ingredients to making and maintaining our great, long-lasting relationship. I have listed a few some of the attributes I believe will bring unique dynamics and rewards to our relationship. The key is whether we are committed to maintain each of these attributes:
Friendship, Open and Honest Communication, Compassion, Compromise, A Sense of Humor, Playfulness, Fun, Trust, Honesty, Positivity, Intimacy, Mutual Respect, Presence, Loyalty, Love / Unconditional Love, Affection, Understanding, Support, Patience, Teamwork last but not least A Common Purpose.
Chemistry and physical attraction have most likely brought you and I together it’s now up to us to create a happy, lasting relationship.

Important issues; Start as friends, date a while and see where it goes from there. To warn you if I feel any un-comfort we will not be visiting my home, work or any other personal space, I would hope you feel the same way with your personal space. I'm on call for customers (Buyers and Sellers) and emergency issues. If you’re looking for someone to focus 24 hours, 7 days a week, from the get go on you, I'm not the person for you, as I don’t want to fill your unhappy void I want to complete you.

I encourage you to be sure to read the entire profile. As it’s hard to really complete a description of an exceptionally fluid individual within a static profile. Please “NO” games. I have an upfront approach, as if I’ve known you for years. Instead of making you jump through hoops to earn trust. You start with it; it’s your job to keep it intact.

I am attractive, intelligent, outgoing, was sexy (lol), romantic, and classy; I have a great sense of humor, a real 64 year old man, with a soft side, very passionate...”a gentle but strong man”. Look and live much younger than I actually am; yet I use the wisdom I have gathered with age as necessary. You will find me to be an “A” type personality. One who is dominant in some aspects although sharing in many others. I am a Man who knows who I am, what I want, and I’m not afraid to go after it! I am a Man who has convictions and stands by them, but is also open to different perspectives. I am educated, strong, and intelligent with a lot on the ball, strong ethics and exhibit superior behavior. Opening doors bring flowers and much, much more, as I know how to treat a lady. I am a man who knows how to dress and is comfortable in jeans as well as a suit and tux. I sold the motorcycle, but kicking the idea around about buying another. On the negative side I’m not perfect and while I have had many girlfriends through the years. But I have only had 2 fully committed relationships and both were taken from me by lying and cheating women.

I am looking to start as friends. I would like to see where it goes from there. Inevitably, it should develop into a loving relationship, or at the least, a great friendship. There is no reason to rush blindly to the alter! You must be...a sincere person with a sense of humor. Not someone who takes herself too seriously or can't laugh and enjoy life. You need to be a bit of a challenge, a bit submissive, be intense, as well as elegant, and intelligent. You need to be my best friend, lover, partner and confidante. I am not interested in one-time flings and affairs, as I have a full life and do not need shallow contact. I do not need to plug a round hold with a square peg...been there, done that! I am looking for my perfect complement and vice versa. I need a relationship so loving, that my son (and your child or children if you have them) could find no other relationship so perfect to have as their relationship role model (even though they are most likely adults). No disrespect, etc. The relationship must stand the test of time. I am not looking for someone to be my doormat. I don't need you there just to cook, clean and do chores for me. I'm quite capable of performing those duties myself. I can cook, (and enjoy it!) I clean, do the laundry, iron and a heck of a lot more.

I want you to know that you're the center of my world. From that, you will make me the center of your world. I'm a parent of a young adult that is finding his way.

I am going to restate a point I made above, as it is of profound importance to me; I want my relationship to be so outstanding and filled with so much love that my son will learn how great a loving relationship should be. From that, he will learn how to treat and cherish the lady he someday chooses as his own

I know it's only a matter of time until I get that bite that has brings the trophy home. It will be one hand on the rod and the other on the reel, may be some occasional adjustments to the drag, and might have to allow some line to run out before reeling it back. Then only time will tell if there is a trophy catch that every fisherman dreams of.


PS if you’re going to stop in look around my profile and chum. Just put the fingers to the keyboard and write. The worst that will happen is I say hi or no thank you, and I won't bite you, just the hook.

Just some important stuff. Please, if you can’t be physically committed for life, if you have deep hatred of men, you are some type of player. You’re not over whatever your Ex did to you, or what you think he did to you. You are looking for a man of my age but he needs to look 30, you have not read my profile, or you looking for someone to support you because you didn't plan for your future, please pass me by. Don’t ask for money, the keys to my house or car, your name on my house cars financial accounts or trust NO MATTER WHAT THE EMERGENCY IS. You're not coming to my house until I get to know you, and 2 or 3 meetings 20 to 40 minute coffee meetings does not mean I know you. I'm looking for a friend, someone to talk to, kid with, go places with, and get to know. Then the relationship will grow over time, into,,, only god knows. And honestly my profile contains everything in a summary about me. My pictures are fairly current. Many people tell me I look the same and much younger than my age, I don't want to sound shallow, but is a fact that if I can't see myself waking up next to you in my mind. This means I must be visually attracted to you. I don't want to waste your time or mine. I will politely let you know

This is not going to sound to nice but it needs to be said. I look damn good for my age! I expect that whom ever is on my arm looks as good as I do, I'm not here to find my mother or grandmother. If you have relationship issues, can't tell the truth, have any plans on being deceptive, keep running a semi relationship in the back ground as a safety net, sleep with a lot of men, Say you work but in reality are darn near unemployed, no income, looking for financial support, not ready for a real relationship with a man. Keep fishing!!! AS I can not deal with another dead beat that thinks she's all that and more and has nothing or little to offer. It's important to me that you are capable of supporting yourself, it says a lot about you. I don't mean I need you financial resources. I mean I want a stable woman that can support herself, appreciate a good man that works hard, believes in real family relations and value is willing to become a part of something not all of it.

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San Francisco, CA
Wants to find someone to marry.
Real Estate Construction, Maintenance
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