Donald0311 "Celto-Dacian Druid, long-haired tattooed former Marine"

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About Me

I am just now reentering society and finding a lot has changed over the years. I have found that I was born in the wrong century. You Ladies are not honored and respected the way you should be. It is my belief that if you are not then the relationship is flawed. I am just a simple man who values compassion, understanding, intelligent conversation and holding hands when walking down the street. Call me old fashion, but you should always come first in my life as a wife, partner, friend and lover. I wish you the blessings of the Mother Creatrix upon your journey to find your someone special. If it is me, I'm here for you to discover.

What I mean by reentering society is that I was recently released from prison after doing over thirty years for murder. I'm putting my life back together and would like the help of a special lady.

I'm sorry that this has to be said, but apparently it does. Don't ask me for a credit card, to set up a bank account, money or personal information. If you do I will delete you. I apologise in advance.

I hope you have read all this, because I will assume you did and you are aware of both my conviction and my deletion policy.

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Woodland, CA
Wants to find someone to marry.
6'2"(188 cm)
Associates Degree
All my kids are over 18
New age
No Pets
Over 5 years
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