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About Me

I wonder what would happen if i pretended to talk like them in my headline. well I did just that over the past week with a headline taken verbatim from one of the more pathetic profiles ("seeking for goodies ahead").They didn't just take the bait.....they expanded their quest for my money. Not only do these people have no sense of humor, they can't recognize their own bullshit when you put it in their face.Have no time for amateurs or confused persons. Please do not ask "what am i seeking for". I will tell you "Goodies Ahead," a meaningless term invented by scammers who front themselves with pics stolen from fashion mags or some dumpster.Now that y'all have masters degrees,the big new item this week from the chameleon scammer group, we know that the area of study is not geography,nor was it awarded to one with a good grasp of conversational english! The scam wars are now focused on the front end, and based on my experience,this sorry group is both lazy and unsophisticated, and so incompetent in language skills not one of the 57 scammers who opened up with lines like" Hello Handsome"
and "are you seeking for serious relationship with goal of marry"....not one of these clowns even got to their hustle! They can't get off square one,so they just give up and move
on to the next target. It's almost as if they're only targeting people with diagnosed mental illness.Hello people! Anybody home? Hey y'all fake hotties! Spoiler alert! Those people don't have any money! You're bottom fishing for the ones like Donald Trump who don't know they have mental illness, in which case they have only borrowed money. Without a doubt one of the most pathetic collection of scammers I have ever observed! I'm tempted to pretend to fall for their gibberish just to see the scam they will ultimately peddle. As the number of attempts nears 100 without a single one of them getting to the scam, perhaps we are dealing with one 400 lb black guy operating out of Ghana, with all the profiles collapsing to him! Could one dumb son of a bitch be behind all of this? I'm reminded of an old Sicilian saying.... Sinners can repent, but stupid....... Is forever.

Bakersfield, CA
Wants a relationship
Musicisn / landscape construction
5'9" (175 cm)
Graduate Degree
All my kids are over 18
Over 10 years
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