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About Me

I am looking for a committed relationship with someone who is interested in a committed relationship. I am looking for a submissive woman to be with and to be my best friend and future wife I hope. I am not looking for anything short term but someone who wants to be a wife. I live part of the year in NY and part FL. I don’t want anymore young children. If you are to be without in the next couple of years let’s talk. Don’t really care where you live as I can travel pretty much as i please for timing I add this as I won’t leave the site to talk till I know more about where we would be going. Don’t answer questions to me is the same as saying I am a computer and I don’t use the question mark for a reason. So to ask me what I am here for well it is here.
My profile location is the correct one if you are not using yours sends red flags. Also I am not going to talk long anywhere before face to face meeting will take place. I will travel or I will help after you come to me. I take the time to write I expect at least something back, I try to always answer if nothing more than no thank you and if I don’t answer it is usually one of two reasons
One is that you answer nothing and continue to want off site.’ Again in case you missed it I am not going to leave the site till I know you, better conversation or talk easier not going to happen and since there is no fees to say you are not a full member well that is a scam happening and I am not interested.
If you say you read my profile and ask question that are answered here I just reply read my profile please.
I figure that is you don’t have time to read it first and just write me well here us your answer.
Also you write me and don’t put a name I am going to just ask you for it I am not taking to no names and just so you understand that babe,dear, or other names and you have mine I figure you are a computer.
Two is I am thinking about you and what your situation is going to impact our lives not just mine. I really want to have a relationship but I am kind if set on what kind but I think before I jump and how it effect all concerned.
I am also going to ask a lot of questions and I am not going to move in till I get those answers also don’t ask for the questions again read the prior conversations and figure it out. If you can’t I figure it is a scam
Also your English must atleast be something that makes sense and I do understand autocorrect might kick in as it does on me but I try to fix that in the very next message.
There is one more I check your picture and find it all over the place with different cities and different names I won’t even bother as it is a scam.
I don’t care what people think I don’t care about our ages if we are happy that is what counts both our happiness.
I am not the typical male and don’t expect that I think men have forgotten how to treat a lady but then I believe that is a two way street and that is not a popular way of thinking.
I am also going to put that I am a veteran and I have my opinions about the status of my country.
I have lived in many places a couple of different countries and I have always be an extrovert and love to talk to different people.
I have learned to listen to my vibe meter in my head about people has kept me safe and secure no what or where I am.
So let’s talk if I still interest you after reading this but it gets through the first set of question by the way I was a primary care giver for the last 16 years I worked.

Wilson, NY
Wants to find someone to marry
5'11" (180 cm)
Bachelors Degree
All my kids are over 18
Christian - other
Smokes Occasionally
Mixed Color
No Pets
Over 10 years
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