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About Me

So we covered I was tall, right ? lol... I kid because I love as they say... What do I like: well I like... Authentic people that operate from an inner directive rarely / barelyDo phased by exterior motives, Tennis (playing and watching), love going to concerts / mostly 80's + music, Dogs, bending your happy ass over and bone-ing you like I own you..., I love travel especially adventure travel i.e. I've: sumitted Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,340 ft. /took 5 days), White water rafted various rivers around the country with 5.5 + rated rapids (pretty core but fun), Hot air ballooned over Chicago and landed to a Champagne reception, Microbrews, Ping pong and Air hockey, Costco and Tradet Joe's, Half my family... lol, deep or intellectual conversations (I am kind of a well read globe trotted compassionate practical greater good for a greater number of people black sheeping loyal to a fault honest as the day is long fun if you are else one of us is unnecessary kind as they come unless you' prove unworthy liar cheater thieving disliking no drama principle always semi-inteligent culture vulture student of life etc. etc.) as I feel like I am able to speak with some authority on almost any subject, you swallowing my children (Oh lighten up Francess), caring for others, taking fkying froggy leaps into the unfamiliar and growing from it, financial markets, collocting rocks (quartz, flourite, emerald, torquoise etc.) ...and improving on my flaws (other people can speak to those bettetr than I but I am guided by fiat not consensus (Greek)...
I would also lime to say I know you have a choice in what you read and how you spend your time so I thank you sincerely for sharing some of it on me and ideally us... Oh yeah, I am totally open to a committed relationship if we hangout and it feels like nothings missing!

Porterville, CA
Wants a relationship
Former Executive Vice President / Golden Gate Marketing
6'1" (185 cm)
Some University
Other Ethnicity
Smokes Occasionally
Over 4 years
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