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About Me

I'm intersex, kinda like a TRANSWOMAN....non's quite a story..they sewed me up at's tender and sensitive with me ok with my dick,what there is of it ..I'm kinda strange and quiet....I'm braver in writing...they tell me I'm gorgeous...we shall you like what you see? Do you think you could love me? For a long time or short time?....I'm all about trust....I can be adventurous if the feeling is right....I don't judge anything.... lol ...looking for DTF Str8 guys ONLY, open to me... I'm basically a latter day saint so be patient too...I'm very organized l, like to keep to myself....I kinda need to be'm staying with some mormons....I like painting singing and music and stuff...cowboys, fishermen, black guys, big cocks, not so big cocks,
Tall sexy Koreans....I'm so open... perhaps you are too. I'd love to be surrounded by something and some one lovely and exceptional....whos gonna take the chance? Who will think I'm worth the risk of it not working out to see if it will work out, whatever the endeavor...near or far... I'm not mobile at the far are you willing to go?

Clovis, CA
Is looking for Casual dating
5'7" (170 cm)
High school
Mixed Race
No Pets
Over 5 years
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